Caring for Your Plants

Once you are the proud owner of a Riverside Hanging Basket/Container, how do you keep it looking wonderful all summer long?

  1. Remember your container is a living thing that needs tender loving care at ALL times and hates being neglected.
  2. It does not like to be left out on frigid nights, during massive down pours, or hurricane winds. Please shelter your basket during extreme weather.
  3. Please water it on a regular basis. Feel the soil. If it feels dry give it a good soaking, then let it dry up between the next watering. OVER watering is the number one way to kill your basket.
  4. Fertilize with an all purpose container fertilizer EVERY time you water. Consistent feeding at a low rate is important for flowering and keeping it looking green and lush.
  5. Don’t let it dry out too often. It becomes harder to re-hydrate.
  6. Make sure you choose the appropriate basket for your conditions. Know how much sun or shade your basket is receiving during the day and choose plants accordingly.
  7. Dead head and prune spent flowers and trim vigorous plants that get out of control.
  8. Lastly, sit out and admire your flowers and enjoy the short time you have with them.


Please take note that we only guarantee our containers for 5 days.

If your basket dies within the first five days of you taking it home, we will replace it free of charge or refund you. After that we are not responsible for any losses, due to the many unfortunate circumstances that are beyond our control once they leave the greenhouse.

Please feel free to call us at any time with your questions and concerns about the care of your baskets. Thank you and we wish you the best of luck with your flowers this summer.